Photo by Mika Baumeister / Unsplash

Yes, next to my job, I do also small investments as business angle into health start-ups, which want to disrupt the world.

For me, it's important that apart from the money, which I can bring in, I can also help you from a technical perspective. That means that your start-up should try to leverage AI in some way and have a digital touchpoint. I am a full-stack developer over the entire stack and I am able to solve technical challenges in days instead of months.

Yeah, I would really like to put your idea into reality and support you with some equity (5,000 - 25,000 EUR).

Are you interested? Then please go ahead sending me the most important information on your company or project. Please send a 3-slides presentation to info (let's put here an at-sign) michaelnolting (maybe a point could fit in here quite well) com about your idea (slide 1), your market (slide 2), and your team (slide 3).

I'll get back to to within 48 hours.