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How You can Use A.I. Right Now to Ease Your Life

How You can Use A.I. Right Now to Ease Your Life
DALL-E prompt: "Generate a picture, how ChatGPT can be used today, to ease one's life." 😂

The public release of ChatGPT last fall kicked off a wave of interest in artificial intelligence. A.I. models have since found their way into many people’s everyday lives. People are using ChatGPT and other A.I. tools to save time at work, to code without knowing how to code, to make daily life easier or just to have fun.

Here are 12 use cases how I am using A.I. for work, life, play and procrastination.

#1 Answering difficult questions from my daughter

If I am confused, for example, with a homework question from my daughter, I feed it into ChatGPT.

It will give me an answer, but also step-by-step instructions on how it got there — a kind of self-guided tutoring process.

Sometimes if I’m still confused, I can ask ChatGPT to put it into simpler terms. It’s just become another option for me to use and it’s been really helpful to have whenever I need it.

#2 Plan workouts in my App AbnehmCoach.

I added ChatGPT to my App AbnehmCoach. Users can leverage it to create workouts. They can even ask how to do exercises like dead lifting, bench press etc.

#3 Create meal plans in my App AbnehmCoach

I added ChatGPT to my App AbnehmCoach. Users can leverage it to create meal plans. ChatGPT asks questions like age, gender, calory level and so on and based on this, meal plans are generated.

#4 Generate images for recipes

I never had pictures to go with my recipes in the Weight Loss Coach app. Now I can generate images for the recipes via DALL-E.

#5 Play pong

Okay, I have to admit: Maybe I am old. I love the good old Atari game pong. I wanted to play it. I said: "Give me Pong." ChatGPT spat out the code. All I had to do was copy-paste, run it, and it worked.

#6 See structures you have never seen before

My problem: I have a very messy computer desktop. I had a lot of unsorted notes lying around, and I wanted to get them sorted into my file system so I can find them more easily in the future. I basically just gave ChatGPT a directory, a list of all my folder names, and the names of all my files. And it gave me a list of which notes should go into which folders!”

#7 Write speeches

For any speech, you can get a first draft. So, you overcome the blank-page problem. Last week, for example, we said goodbye to our boss because he was promoted. A department head had his speech written with chat GPT.

#8 Write emails

I am a technician. So, sometimes I use terms, which could confuse my readers. I use ChatGPT to simplify tech jargon when I create emails.

#9 Get a first feedback

So I’ll have a paragraph I might be putting into a test for a student, or instructions. I say: Where might people have trouble with this? What’s unclear about this? What’s clear about this? I use this for my articles, lecturers and even emails.

#10 Get help when English is your second language

If I can’t think of a particular word, for example, it is super easy to just describe the word, and GPT almost always knows what I mean, even if the description is really bad.

#11 Create tools in minutes instead of hours (even if you’ve never coded before)

I wondered if I could make a button on my computer that, when I hit it, will automatically summarize an article for me. I said: "Can you do that?"
And GPT-4 answered: "Sure! Here’s a Python program."

I pasted in everything it told me to paste in. Now I have a button on my computer to summarize documents. I could have done it by myself but it saved me hours of work. Amazing!

#12 Fix bugs in your code.

When my code doesn’t run, my new go-to fix is ChatGPT. I paste my code, and I often get a decent suggestion for how to rewrite it.

The potential of ChatGPT is immense - no matter in which industry. Physician protocols will be written by ChatGPT in the future, customer communication will become more efficient and completely new ideas will emerge - from artificial intelligence.